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Accessible Prescription Labels to Overcome Vision & Language Barriers for Pharmacies Using QS/1

ScriptAbility x QS/1

You can better ensure medication adherence and safety for your patients with visual or language barriers by offering ScriptAbility® accessible prescription labels.


ScriptAbility is a labeling solution developed by En-Vision America®. It’s an easy-to-use, cost-effective application that allows pharmacies to provide their patients with ScripTalk Talking Labels, ScriptView Dual Language/Translated Labels, Large Print Labels, Controlled Substance Safety Labels (CSSLs) and Braille Labels.


Through integration with QS/1’s pharmacy management system, pharmacists can quickly produce these accessible prescription labels. Instead of entering the patient’s information in the application, all prescription and patient details auto populate through a few simple clicks.


For more information and to get signed up today, call 800.890.1180 or email


Wegmans is offering the ScripTalk system that allows blind or low-vision patients to hear important prescription label information audibly, ensuring their medication independence and safety. The chain will offer the service across five New York locations: Fayetteville, Rochester, Buffalo, Depew and Jamestown.

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